Careers and training

Once you’ve been employed, you and your employer will choose a registered training organisation (RTO) to provide you with training.

You will find that most training providers have flexible, accredited training to suit your needs as well as your employer’s requirements.

The training can be conducted on-the-job, off-the-job or as a combination of both. School-based apprenticeships are also available if you are still studying at school.

The MAS Experience Job Communities

Search for available positions at the MAS Jobs National site and find local jobs in your state by searching at:

Career and training support

Your Business Consultant will provide ongoing support for the life of the apprenticeship in the form of:

  • Face to face: advice, consultation, literacy and numeracy assessment, aptitude tests and referral in person
  • Web based online support: Apprenticeship Commitment Assessment, Harrison Career Assessment Tool, MAS Talent Community, AirCV and 24/7 job smart matching
  • Phone contact support: CareerMe phone app, 1300 MAS NAT (627 628), SMS contact

CareerMe provides information on hundreds of career pathways. Each pathway has details of the role and training needed irrespective of whether it is an Apprenticeship. CareerMe is an App currently available on Apple and due for release on Android early 2015.