The MAS Experience

MAS National has been selected by the Australian Government to deliver the full suite of Support Services to apprentices and employers across South Australia,Victoria and Tasmania. MAS are also proud to service national clients, to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Services nationwide.

A consortium that includes AGA Apprenticeships Plus in Victoria, Business & Employment and Work & Training in Tasmania, and CEG in SA; will be delivering a unique program model they call The MAS Experience. The MAS Experience supports employers, apprentices and trainees throughout Australia to improve completion rates.

The MAS Experience delivers tailored apprentice and business support through a variety of means:

  • Face to face, advice and consultation, including referral where needed.
  • Web based, online support  – Apprenticeship Commitment Assessment, Harrison Career Assessment Tool and Career Me Application, MAS Job CommunitiesAir CV and 24/7 smart matching
  • Phone contact support – 1300 MAS NAT (627 628), SMS contact

How is MAS Experience involved in Australian Apprenticeships?

  • Provides ongoing support throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, from recruitment and administrative support to mentoring and mediation with various parties.
  • Registers your apprenticeship with the State Training Authority.
  • Processes employer and apprentice incentive claims for federal funding under the Australian Apprenticeship incentive program.
  • Assists with the administration of the Australian Apprenticeship

View the infographic below to see all the roles involved in Australian Apprenticeships.



AASN Code of Conduct

Who is the Code for?

This Code applies to all Australian Apprenticeship Support Network service providers and their staff. It represents the minimum standards to be applied in all their dealings with employers, Australian Apprentices and other interested persons.

The aim of the Code

The aim of the Code is to ensure the delivery of high quality support services, with high standards of ethical behaviour exhibited to all parties concerned.

The AASN Code of Conduct

Download the AASN Code of Conduct (200KB PDF)