The MAS Experience

Your journey with us is your MAS Experience. It’s a personalised service for apprenticeships and traineeships that provides a unique level of support and care every step of the way.

MAS National has been selected by the Australian Government to deliver the full suite of Support Services to apprentices and employers across South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. As a consortium of businesses that includes AGA Apprenticeships Plus in Victoria, Business & Employment in Tasmania, CEG in South Australia and a partnership with MRAEL in Queensland, we deliver The MAS Experience.

What it means for apprentices and trainees

The MAS experience brings you all the support, mentoring and guidance you need along your journey, via web, phone and face-to-face consultations  including:

  • Free gateway services to get you started
  • An initial consultation to establish your individual needs using arrange of tool and resources
  • Job matching based on your personal attributes and interests
  • Ongoing training support tailored to you
  • Exclusive access to job opportunities via the MAS Job Community

What it means for employers

The MAS Experience provides businesses with access to a range of services prior to an apprenticeship starting and provides administration support throughout the training period, including:

  • Innovative technologies and methodologies to improve operational efficiencies such as compliance requirements and risk assessment
  • Streamlined completion of Government paperwork and incentives claims
  • Mentoring and mediation
  • Registration of your apprenticeship with the State Training Authority

Who’s involved?

Click on the infographic to see who is involved in your apprenticeship and the roles they play.



AASN Code of Conduct

This Code applies to all Australian Apprenticeship Support Network service providers and their staff. It represents the minimum standards to be applied in all their dealings with employers, Australian Apprentices and other interested persons.

The aim of the Code is to ensure the delivery of high quality support services, with high standards of ethical behaviour exhibited to all parties concerned.

The AASN Code of Conduct

Download the AASN Code of Conduct (200KB PDF)