Reconciliation Action Plan

MAS National is driven to promote active engagement in employment for everyone in the communities in which we work.

As an organisation, we have invested in the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan to build strong relationships and enhanced respect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities, and to better ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have the same life opportunities as other Australian children.

The development of a RAP will provide the time, structure and opportunity to raise awareness and support for this initiative. It will also assist with establishing a robust governance model, building the business case for our future commitment towards cultural learning, securing employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, leading to a more inclusive and culturally mature organisation.

Artwork created by Emma Bamblett, representing the MAS National Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our Journey

Over 20 years of delivering traineeship and apprenticeship support services, MAS National has engaged local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to assist community members to connect with training and employment opportunities.

MAS National has worked with Registered Training Organisations (RTO), Group Training Organisations (GTO) and industry groups to promote state and local government programs that encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ participation in the Vocational Education and Training system.

The Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation is one of the specialist organisations MAS National engages with that provide support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

First established in 2004, the Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation developed in response to the need to increase the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to participate in the management of natural resources throughout South Australia.

“We have had a 12 year relationship with MAS, starting with school based apprentices, many who are at risk of leaving school we have kept many engaged and continuing with their schooling. Last year we had a graduation which celebrated from Certificate II to Diploma students, it has been an amazing program with the students loving how relevant and skill based the training is.”

– Kevin Kropinyeri, Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation

Recently, we have invested in cultural awareness training for all staff members nationally, and have further developed stakeholder engagement with organisations that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Read the full RAP document.