Incentive Claim SmartForms

Incentive claims must now be completed online. Watch the video below to learn how to submit your claim:

For detailed instructions of how to complete your online claim form watch the video below:

Common questions and points to note:

Where a SmartForm claim is issued, you must complete the claim online. MAS National are unable to process printed claim forms.

Questions with a red asterisk (*) at the end are essential for your claim. All other questions are optional.

Throughout the SmartForm, click the information symbols (ⓘ) to ensure the evidence you upload is sufficient for MAS National to process the claim.

Updating details

Page 1 will have all of your details populated already. If any of these need updating, click continue at the bottom of the page, then update them on the second page of the claim form. Click here to take you straight to that section of the instructional video.

Wage Evidence

Wage evidence/payslips can be uploaded where the apprentice is unavailable to co-authorise the claim. Where this option is used, the pay period must cover the effect date of the claim.

Claim expiry periods

SmartForms are valid for 60 days from the last time saved. If your claim has expired then contact the MAS National team on 1300 627 628 and we will be able to send you a new one.

Claims must be submitted within 12 months of their effect date for them to be paid.

Bank Account Details

For incentives paid to the employer, the bank account name must match the legal or trading name of the business. For incentives paid to the apprentice, the bank account must be in the apprentice’s name.

Commencement Claims

For commencement claims to be approved, MAS National must have the apprentice, employer and Registered Training Organisation’s signatures all on file. This is in the format of either a Signed Training Plan or a RTO Declaration form. If you’re unsure of where to obtain either of these documents, you can call the MAS National team on 1300 627 628

For registrations in NSW, SA, TAS and QLD, MAS National will already have the required documents on file as a part of the registration process with the State Training Authorities. If your apprenticeship is registered in these states, simply click ‘My Network Provider has the necessary evidence’ in your Claim SmartForm.

Completion Claims

The State Training Authority must confirm successful completion of the apprenticeship prior to MAS National issuing a Completion Claim SmartForm.

If you need assistance at any point call our MAS National Helpline on 1300 627 628.