Recruit, train and retain with MAS.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to train your employees, new and existing. You benefit from enhanced skills and familiarity with your organisation, and they get rewarded with a nationally recognised qualification and being part of your team.

MAS National’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Network operates across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. MAS National is also proud to service national clients, to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Services nationwide.

Wages and incentives

  • You pay your apprentice a wage that reflects the length of the apprenticeship and how much training the apprentice has been completed
  • An employee can only be paid apprentice and trainee rates if they have a formal training contract with their employer through an Apprenticeship Network Provider, such as MAS National
  • You may be eligible to receive financial incentives from the Australian Government
  • Each state/territory government may have their own incentives or benefits for businesses employing apprentices

The MAS Experience

With MAS you’ll experience fully supported management of your apprenticeship or traineeship. From start to completion, we take care of the administration, Government paperwork and funding, matching, monitoring and any mentoring or mediation required to ensure a successful outcome.

Prior to commencement of your apprentice

We use innovative technologies and methodologies to drive efficiencies for you. You can advertise your opportunities through the MAS Job Communities and our MAS Experience Gateway Services provide free assistance with finding apprentices with the personal attributes and skills necessary to succeed in your business.

Our consultants will support you through a streamlined completion of Government paperwork to help you register your apprentice and apply for any incentives that you may be eligible for.

Ongoing support

We provide you with advice, referrals to support services and mentoring, plus any mediation services you might require to achieve successful completion. We do this in a number of ways best suited to your organisation:

  • Face-to-face: advice, consultation, pre-employment testing and referral to external support services based on your business needs
  • Web based online support: 24/7 access to MAS National’s Employer Portal for your apprenticeship records, reports and incentives
  • Phone: reactive support when you need it

Positive outcomes

Once training is completed, you’ll have a skilled and qualified team member, familiar with your operations and well-equipped to benefit your business.

You can learn more about The MAS Experience in our employer guide (pdf 819kb).