Getting your career started

Whether you’re looking for your first job, looking for your next promotion or wanting to change career, a MAS Consultant can help.

Career coaching

Our team are qualified and equipped to support your career development. The overall aim is to set you up for success.

We’ll do this by:

  • Meeting with you to learn about your interests and what motivates you
  • Completing a variety of assessments, including online LLN and psychometric testing to identify any barriers to employment
  • Helping you to create a resume that showcases your skills
  • Helping you to apply for jobs and practice your interview techniques
  • Supporting you to start an apprenticeship or traineeship to further your training

MAS’ career Consultants will take the time to learn about you, to identify what support you need to succeed, then to help you develop skills in those areas.

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Promoting yourself

Your career is your business. So it’s your job to promote yourself and your personal brand as if it were a business that you need to survive.

Make the best first impression through:

  • Ensuring your social media shows you in a great light;
  • Ensuring your voicemail and emails are professional;
  • Making your resume shine!  – Create an AirCV today.

Promote yourself with an AirCV

AirCV is a personal employment space (similar to a LinkedIn profile) in the cloud for you to create an employment ‘Snapshot’, ‘Timeline’ & ‘Traditional Resume’. You can apply for any job, anywhere in the world and on any device using their AirCV unique URL and share it via social media. Employers and recruiters can learn more about you by scanning the unique QR code or by typing the unique URL in any web browser.

Finding a job

Signing up for our jobs board; MAS Jobs will allow you access to exclusive opportunities we (and other employers) have available.

You can set up automatic job alerts so you’re the first to know about jobs, search and apply for apprenticeship and traineeship positions we have available at the MAS Jobs National site and find local jobs in your state by searching at:

Create a resume at AirCV

AirCV provides innovative technology to enable you to create a CV and apply for jobs directly from their mobile devices. Use AirCV to create a visual snapshot of your career.

Real Stories Real Achievements video series

The Australian Training Awards have released 19 new videos which share the inspirational journeys of people and organisations that have found career and business success through vocational education and training.

11 Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors (who are also Australian Training Awards Alumni) took part in the series to showcase their dream careers and their positive experiences with Australian Apprenticeships. Here are their videos: