What are the advantages of hiring an Australian school-based Apprentice?


Apprenticeships are a well-known route into all sorts of trade and occupation careers – but have you ever considered employing an Australian School-Based Apprentice?

School-Based Apprenticeships are a popular way for young Australians to get a head start with their careers whilst also gaining necessary school qualifications.

School-based Apprenticeships give both young Australians and employers a chance to add value to their industry. So what are they, what do they involve and what are the key benefits to hiring an Australian School-Based Apprentice?

What is an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship?

An Australian school-based Apprenticeship is available to all students above the age of 15. It follows a similar structure to normal Apprenticeships but are undertaken part-time to fit in with the students continued schooling.

It combines:

  • Paid employment.
  • Off-the job vocational training.
  • Senior secondary school study.

School-based Apprenticeships are a popular way for young Australians to get a head start with their careers whilst also gaining necessary school qualifications.

School-based apprenticeships give you industry skills while still at school.A school-based Apprenticeships allows young Australians to also gain a qualification, whilst completing their studies.

For a student to qualify for a school-based apprenticeship they must have:

  • A parent or guardian’s permission if they are under 18.
  • Their schools agreement to take part in training.
  • An employer who is willing to train them in their workplace.
  • Be in full time school.
  • Be aged 15 years or older.

What will it involve?

School-based Apprenticeships & traineeships provide students aged 15 years or older with the opportunity to learn employment skills, hands-on industry experience, whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification. The certificate level may vary from Certificate I, II, III or IV qualifications.

Training must be completed alongside a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The exact format of training will vary depending on the requirements of the individual RTO. For example it may take the form of a couple of hours each week or a longer block of time less frequently.

The work hours required for school-based Apprentices to complete their qualification varies between states and territory. Typically there is a weekly number of hours that must be hit. For some types of Apprenticeship these hours can be made up out of school time, in the evenings or at weekends, however others require time to be taken during the school day.

Apprentices need to manage their own time.School-based Apprentices will need to negotiate their own time out from school subjects in order to complete their vocational training and employment.

How long do they take?

This very much depends on the type of Apprenticeship and the qualification. As a rough rule a school-based apprenticeship can take anything from 1-4 years to complete. This means that some will finish when the Apprentice completes secondary school, others will need to continue after school graduation.

What are the advantages for employers?

School-based Apprenticeships don’t just benefit young Australians, they are also a great opportunity for employers. Let’s have a look at the many benefits available to those who employ an Australian School-Based Apprentice.

1. Recruit keen young people early in their careers

Though they may not yet have all the professional skills of your industry, young Australians can bring enthusiasm and passion to your workplace. By taking on keen Australian school-based Apprentices you can help to develop and strengthen your industry whilst also enjoying the energy a new pair of hands can bring.

2. Fill skill gaps

By embracing Australian School-Based Apprentices you have the responsibility and pleasure of helping them to build their profession skills from scratch. This means that you can adapt their skills to your business needs and give them training in areas where you wish your business to excel in the future. This means that you are continually expanding and securing your own businesses place in the competitive Australian marketplace, but also helping your own industry to endure and thrive.

3. Be Cost effective 

Australian School-Based Apprentices bring their enthusiasm and abilities to your workplace on a part time basis. This means that you are not paying full-time Apprentice wages, while still getting the benefit of a helping hand.

4. Take advantage of Government financial incentives

There are a number of incentives and financial support schemes offered by the Australian Government for both employers and Australian School-Based Apprentices themselves. MAS National will be able to help you determine which funds you are eligible for and help you with the application process.

5. Get the latest knowledge from student training

Australian School-Based Apprentices receive the most up to date training on your industry in order to work towards their certificate level training. They will bring these insights back to your work place so you can have a direct line to the latest knowledge and skills.

If you’re ready to employ an Australian School-Based Apprentice, get in touch with the experts at MAS National today.