6 employer benefits for taking on apprentices

An apprenticeship is a great way for a young person to enter the workforce, but what are the benefits to businesses taking on apprentices? Regardless of your profession or industry, there are a multitude of ways an apprentice can help your business, strengthen your industry and make your working life easier. Below you will find six excellent reasons to take on an apprentice.

1) You're creating skilled workers for the future

Training an apprentice preemptively fills future skills gaps.

Training your apprentice will help them to develop the skills necessary to continue the trade. As much as it is about providing new employees with the tools to start a career of their own, you can also train them according to the skills they will need in the future. Not only will this preemptively fill future skills gaps, but it'll allow you to identify future leaders that are already a part of your business.

It goes beyond just your own business – you're also contributing to the future of your industry. Without expert guidance from today's professionals, there's no guarantee that the next generation will have the skills and qualifications to maintain a sustainable industry. In 2018 we are doing fairly well without lamplighters, milkmen or a town crier, but most of today's businesses offer something vital, something we may not be able to get along without.

2) You'll boost both loyalty and retention

Apprentices trained in-house stay with a business much longer than other recruits, according to a 2015 UK study. When an employee takes on an apprenticeship with a particular company, they are more likely to be committed to the company and its long term goals.

Workers are increasingly loyal when they know that you have invested in them, whether this is taking on new apprentices or offering upskilling opportunities to existing staff – when you feel as though your employer has your best interests at heart, why would you leave?

Training apprentices supplies skilled workers for the future.Taking on an apprentice helps ensure the longevity of your business and your industry.

3) Training an apprentice is cost effective

Taking on an apprentice is far from a financial burden. While you will of course be paying wages, these are calculated to slowly increase through the apprenticeship until the worker in question is fully qualified. Furthermore, the Australian government offers financial incentives to employers with apprentices or trainees. The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program offers a host of benefits to contribute to the apprentice's ongoing development. These are easy to apply for, and while there is eligibility criteria, a partnership with an Australian Apprenticeships Support Network such as MAS National provides you with assistance in navigating this process.

4) It gives you more staff resources

As a business develops and grows it's easy to find yourself with numerous small tasks that pull you and other staff away from your key responsibilities. A little bit of delegation can go a long way. By having your apprentice take care of the little things, it lets your more senior team members focus on excelling in their own roles. In the meantime, the apprentice learns how to use their initiative and manage the little things in order to keep things running smoothly.

Having apprentices on site can boost productivity across your organisation. Delegating less important work to apprentices is a great way to boost productivity of more senior staff.

5) New people can revitalize your operation

When you bring young, fresh faces into your company you'll also be bringing new ideas, attitudes and enthusiasm to the workplace. The positive attitude and energetic commitment to work can quite easily rub off on other employees, which generally leads to a more productive workforce all round. Maybe it's a matter of cultural or personality-based diversity that brings something new to your daily operations, or perhaps a fresh set of ideas for approaching business. Shaking up the dynamic of a workplace with young and eager new faces can be hugely beneficial. 

6) An apprentice can increase your bottom line

81% of consumers prefer to do business with a company that hires apprentices.

Numerous studies from across the globe have proven, flat out, that an investment in an apprentice leads to greater financial returns. A UK study showed that businesses with apprentices can raise the employers economic output by up to AU$378 per week (from CEBR). In Switzerland, the work of apprentices contributed over AU$350 million to the Swiss economy in a single year (from the Center of American Progress). Research out of Canada outlines that every dollar spent on an apprentice yielded $1.47 in return (from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum).

The United Kingdom's National Apprentice Service conducted a survey which found that 81% of consumers preferred to do business with a company that hired apprentices. You've invested in someone and committed to training them, ultimately they will become a productive and integral part of society, it only makes sense that consumers would support you in doing so.

If you think you're ready to take on an apprentice and reap the numerous benefits, then get in contact with MAS National today – we have the experience and know-how to help both you and your apprentice get the most out of the experience.