Apprentices get started for the future

At MAS Experience we believe that our program is the first step to a successful career. We offer a range of services to help people learn the skills they’ll need to create a future they love.

We support students considering a future as an apprentice, and also established apprentices to find their next employer. Due to our expertise in the field, we know that in this early stage it can be difficult for new apprentices to find their feet.

To combat this we found some quick info that might be useful to you.

Fair Work

The Australian Government’s Fair Work page contains many sources of information surrounding employment. The link provided contains guides for both apprentices and also employers. For apprentices, there is information regarding entitlements such financial allowances and other notices ensuring you get the most out of your apprenticeship.

First days on the job

For a successful first day, Fair Work advises that you attempt to familiarise yourself with the role’s specifications. This includes the location of the role, so you will know where to go and making arrangements for the necessary transport to get there. Also ensuring you are dressed appropriately is essential to assure you look the part. Finally and most importantly, understand the role’s duties to maximise productivity and efficiency. (More tips included in the link)

Your entitlements

To assist with employee morale and therefore productivity, Fair Work states the minimum conditions you should expect in the workplace. As an apprentice, you may also qualify for financial assistance in buying tools to complete your apprenticeship.

For more information visit Fair Work’s Apprentice entitlements page.

Addressing future difficult situations

Issues can arise in any workplace and so to help overcome these, MAS provides a free mentoring support service to resolve any issues that may be taking place. If you need support, contact us on 1300 MAS NAT.

It is advised by Fair Work that the first step in resolving issues is to discuss the problem with the employer. To learn how to do this effectively, visit Fair Work’s ‘Difficult conversations in the workplace – employee’ online learning course.