Opportunities after high school?

Finishing high school can be a difficult time, especially those that don’t know what career they want to pursue. Maybe you always thought you knew the path you wanted to take but you’re ATAR is forcing you to alternatives.

Don’t Panic! The good news is that many people are in the same boat.

At MAS we can provide direction and assistance which can be useful to determine what the best option for you.


If you always knew the career path you wanted to take, you may have already researched a number of universities. However what you may have found is that your ATAR hasn’t exceeded the ‘clearly in’ score for your course. That’s okay! Through an alternative pathway, you can still follow your dream career. Most universities allow students to begin a bachelor that has a lower score intake, then transfer across during the semester.

What if my ATAR still isn’t high enough for an alternative university bachelor? That’s also okay, in fact, you will have an opportunity complete an equivalency TAFE or RTO qualification to gain entry later on.

Below are some alternative pathways that you may not have considered.


TAFEs and RTOs offer lots of opportunities to study and apply you’re learning at the same time. Whether you’re looking use it as a pathway to university or simply to pursue a career in a trade, these alternatives could be the best solution for you.

Do you need help understanding what is offered at TAFE and RTOs? MAS can help!

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What’s the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship? It’s simple! Apprenticeships can last up to 4 years and are generally undertaken in trades careers.

Traineeships, on the other hand, can be completed in less than a couple of years and are available in almost any career pathway. Both Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great foundation for starting your career, and also allow you to gain the necessary skills to continue tertiary education!

Travel/Gap year

All too much information to take in? Do you feel you need a break after completing year 12? That’s also okay as there a number of ways to take a gap year.

Working overseas

There are endless opportunities abroad. You could simply travel and relax or apply for a working visa overseas. Imagine exploring the lands of Europe whilst you ponder your future.

Local labour

There’s nothing wrong with getting a full-time job at the local cafe and taking your time to decide on a career. At the end of the day, if you’re developing on the job skills while saving money, you’re not wasting any time.

Don’t stress that you won’t have started your tertiary education just yet, as many employers want employees with some work experience. That’s something you’ll have over the rest.


At MAS, we thrive on changing the lives of others and helping them chase their dreams, no matter the path you take to get there. So if you’re feeling a bit lost, we’d love to have a chat!

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