Need help hiring the right employees?

At MAS we believe that taking on an apprentice can open a new world of opportunities. Sourcing and hiring the right apprentice can be a challenge, so we’re here to help.

We offer a range of services that not only assist apprentices but also help the employers leverage the advantages of an apprentice. Due to our expertise in the field, we know that often business are hesitant to adopt apprentices due to the costs of training and initial lack of experience. However, we believe that customised training for new workers can help develop high-quality productive staff for your organisation. To combat these stereotypes we found some quick info from Fair Work that might be useful to you.

Ultimately at MAS we believe a tailored employee will optimise the fit to your organisation and will endure to become a short-term cost for a long-term benefit.

Fair Work

The Australian Government’s Fair Work page contains many sources of information surrounding employment. To combat the stigma of apprenticeship costs, Fair Work have suggested you take the necessary steps to ensure you hire the correct staff for the role you’re intending to fill.

Fair Work encourages a variety of checks such as:

  • Knowing the law so you don’t overstep your obligations
  • Attracting the candidates for positions
  • Conducting quality introductions so the employee understands the organisation

MAS can help!

We provide a free recruitment service, where we:

  • Take the time to learn what you’re looking for,
  • Advertise and promote your role to attract the right candidates, and
  • Conduct assessments and screen candidates to ensure they’re a right fit.

This means that before we send you an applicant we’ve vetted them to save you valuable time! Even if you’re not yet looking, but want to chat about growing your business, register for this free support today.

Not enough?

If you feel you need further assistance, Fair Work has released several help guides.

These guides are based on hiring apprentices and new employees and ensuring you are productive together and that you understand your respective obligations. To view these PDF guides, go to the Fair Work website’s page for hiring employees.