Link & Learn: ASQA

The Link & Learn event on Thursday 7 December focused on the topic of regulatory compliance within VET, including information on updates, changes and current trends that are relevant to RTOs.

We were delighted to have Arvid Yaganegi, the Manager Regulatory Operations from ASQA as our guest speaker for this session.

Top three takeaways

  • ASQA is finding many RTOs have not yet commenced implementing their validation plan: all RTOs should have validated at least 50% of products by April 2018.  View the ASQA “Conducting validation” Factsheet
  • In assessing RTOs against the compliance standards, ASQA has adopted a student-centred audit approach which focuses on student outcomes and RTO practices.
  • When it comes to ASQA’s guidelines, many RTOs come unstuck when it comes to Standard 1.7. RTOs need to understand the importance of validation to be compliant with this standard.

Save the date for our next event

When: Thursday 1 February 2018
Where: TBC
Time: 4:00pm till 6:00pm
Guest speaker: TBC


We wish you and your family a very safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year!

The MAS team would like to thank you for your valued support throughout 2017. We look forward to bringing you a new series of exciting Link & Learn sessions in 2018.

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