How do you benefit from this ’employment boom’?

Employment is booming! Yet jobs are still hard to get…?

ABC posted an article this morning commenting on how the current employment boom is bypassing entry level job seekers.

54,000 new full time jobs have been created in the past month, but the report highlights how “the battle for entry level jobs is fierce and growing”.

This means that only those who shine through the recruitment process manage to land those jobs – so how do you shine?

How can you stand out in the recruitment process?

On average, 4.8 people apply for every entry level job posted, so you really need to stand out to be even considered for the job.

With so many different important aspects to consider in how you present in a job search, it is so easy to miss one. Your resume, your tone of voice, your past experience, your attire and your social media profiles are all valuable factors that need considering when you’re looking for work.

At MAS, we’ve trained our team to identify all o these essential factors to consider to help people like you into employment!

MAS Career Support Services

We proudly support job seekers across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia to break down barriers to employment through our Gateway Services.

Our team are trained in Career Development support and love to help! You can come to us for support with all of your career needs, including:

  • Finding a pathway you’ll love;
  • Researching your career options;
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to employment in that industry;
  • Resume, Interview and job search skills.

The service is completely tailored and it starts with us getting to know you, including your needs and any challenges you might be facing. We’ll then work with you to help you overcome those barriers and move into meaningful employment.

Helping you to get a job!

Our aim is to develop your skills to manage your own career and job search. Bashir (below) is a great example of this; through the support provided he managed to get an interview with an employer which resulted in getting his dream job!

We also work with thousands of employers all across the country, which means when you’ve identified what career pathway you want, we can help get you in front of employers who need new staff like you!

Help us to help you

Our support services are free to access, personalised and tailored to your needs! Complete a registration form and we’ll match you with our local consultant:

Click here to register for free career support

MAS Career Success Story!

Bashir is a mature age apprentice who recently completed his Pre-Apprenticeship at RMIT.

Simon Nashed and Steve Roberts got to support Bashir at the RMIT City Campus. We soon saw the enthusiasm and passion Bashir had for wanting to get into a mature aged electrical apprenticeship.

We could see the potential Bashir presented and so proudly supported him to further develop his resume and interview skills; which allowed the employer to see his skills!

Through his hard work, and the support we provided him, Bashir was signed up into his dream job!

Our team members Simon Nashed and Helen West attended Bashir’s sign up; and they’re just as excited as Bashir is about getting started in his Electrical apprenticeship!

Finally, from all of us at MAS National, congratulations Bashir!