Try a Trade Success

Our team are passionate about promoting Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities and helping people to start their careers. To do this, two of the MAS team members attended a Try A Trade Expo in Huonville.

At this expo, our team member Jo was lucky to meet Jason Ferrar. Jason showed extreme interest in becoming an Engineering – Fabrication Trade Apprentice, so asked signed up for our help to get there.

Gateway Career Support

Through MAS’ Gateway services, our team member Jo met with Jason to help prepare him for his apprenticeship. She supported him to create a resume and complete careers assessments including the Harrison’s and Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.

Matching for success

Once Jason was set to start an Apprenticeship, Jo sent all of our local Business Consultants his resume. Consequently, they put an ear to the ground for employers that might have an opportunity available for him.

As Jason didn’t have a driver’s licence, our team found a local employer to prevent challenges with Jason remaining punctual for work.

Saunders & Ward offer experience

Our Business Consultant, Kate Thornbury called and spoke with Ben Rollison at Saunders & Ward who said that even though they weren’t looking for another apprentice at the time they were happy to offer him some on the job experience.

Saunders & Ward

Saunders & Ward Pty Ltd are structural steel fabricators and general engineers. They manufacture complex parts in-house from start to finish for structural steel work, pressure vessels, marine equipment and much more!

Jason got to get work experience in a well-equipped workshop in Kingston, North Hobart. He got to be exposed to fabrication and machining capabilities including computer-controlled equipment to cut, bend, weld and machine steel to any shape or size necessary.

Future opportunities

Jason created valuable relationship with Ben through completing work experience. While there wasn’t a position immediately available, this relationship paid off as soon as one came free.

Since Jason did so well at work experience Saunders & Ward liked him so much that they kept his resume on file for the next opportunity opening. Recently a position became available and as a result Ben contacted Jason to start his apprenticeship with them!

Congratulations Jason & Ben!

On Monday 06/03/2017, Kate helped Jason and Ben to complete their Training Contract. This Training Contract will officially register Jason as a Fabrication Apprentice.

Keep an eye out for us at your next careers expo, you might just get a job out of it!

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