Adult Apprenticeships a great way to upskill

Assistant Minister Karen Andrews talks Adult Apprenticeships

Last week, Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills caught up with our Tasmanian team. Not only did we get to talk about our business, we also got the chance to show off the fantastic work of one of our awesome employers, Denman Marine!

Pictured (left to right): Karen Andrews MP, Matthew Stevens, Kate Thornbury and Andrew Denman.

In July 2016, Denman Marine signed Matthew Stevens into an Adult Marine Construction Apprenticeship. Here’s why they’re proud of that choice:

Benefits of an Adult Apprenticeship

Matthew Stephens became a qualified carpenter at the end of 2013 after powering through his studies and completing his apprenticeship early.

Thanks to this apprenticeship, when Matthew wanted to refine his skills, he was able to hit the ground running with his boat building apprenticeship.

After completing this apprenticeship, Matthew will be dual-trade qualified; making him a very valuable employee!

Refining carpentry skills with wooden boat building

Matthew started a Marine Construction apprenticeship with Denman Marine, who specialise in wooden boat building, in June 2016.

The day Matthew started, his boss Andrew Denman quickly learnt that Matthew had the initiative of someone who was at least 8 months into their apprenticeship. Because of this, Andrew quickly trusted Matthew to take on more technical and interesting tasks on the current projects.

This was perfect opportunity for Matthew to refine his woodwork skills to create pieces of marine-art he can be proud of.

Marine craftsmanship in Tasmania

Denman Marine was established in 2005 and is operated by professional boat builder Andrew Denman. Andrew is proud to share his marine passion with a small team of dedicated and gifted Tasmanian craftsmen.

The team specialises in the construction and repair of wooden boats using both traditional and modern construction methods and materials. They aim to keep traditional boat building skills alive, so Matthew has the opportunity to learn a great mix of traditional skills and modern techniques.

Matthew gets to work on the beautiful D’entrecasteaux Channel in Kettering, Tasmania in Denman Marine’s fantastic purpose built workshop. The workshop is so large that it can handle vessels up to 50′!

Learn more about Denman Marine and their passionate team at:

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