Dream career just a bouquet away!

When Laura first walked into Flora Gondwana a few years ago it left a mark on her.

Laura was working as an artist and needed a bouquet to present to a curator. When Laura came to pick it up she was blown away by how creative and thoughtful the flowers were and decided then that Flora was her go-to florist.

It doesn’t hurt to ask

Over the years Laura would buy flowers from Flora every time there was a truly special moment to celebrate. Last year, she finally plucked up the courage to ask whether they had any positions available.

Unfortunately they said they were not taking on another apprentice for three years. Laura was disappointed and didn’t think much more about it at the time.

But Laura is a believer that these things find you at the right time – as just a few months ago Laura caught word that a new florist had opened down the road so she decided to try her luck again. This time, Laura was told to bring in a cover letter.

Laura was so nervous but her friends and family all knew how special Flora was to her so they sat with Laura while she wrote her letter detailing her background as an artist and her love and admiration for flowers and for this florist in particular.

Creating opportunities for herself

Laura was very persistent…  and at the end of the day it was that enthusiasm that paid off.

Laura is now undertaking her dream apprenticeship and each day she feels blessed to be learning so many new and beautiful things.

Working in this industry allows Laura to exercise her creative side, remain in touch with all walks of life and convey joy and love to people; in good times and bad.

Thanks Flora Gondwana!

Laura looks forward to continuing her journey at Flora Gondwana and is so grateful for this apprenticeship.

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