Make 2017 Awesome! Step 2: Break it Down

More often than not, we don’t achieve goals because we don’t really understand how.

Our goals need breaking down and simplifying so we truly understand them. More importantly, so we understand what is required to achieve them.

Step 2 in making 2017 awesome is breaking your high priority goals to manageable, bite-sized pieces so you can work towards achieving them.

Think about what is needed

Think about what is needed to achieve the bigger goal.

List the tasks you need to complete that together will result in you achieving the goal. Achieving these tasks is just as important as the overall goal itself.

Example: Business Goals

If your goal is to grow your business’ brand awareness, some tasks required might be:

  • Create a business Facebook page and get friends to share it
  • Post content 3 times per week minimum

Example: Career Goals

If your goal is to get a job, some smaller goals might be:

  • Write a resume
  • Research and apply for jobs online

Make the tasks measurable

Think about what each of these tasks looks like if you achieve it.

Make a ‘To Do List” detailing these tasks. Then include any notes or resources you might need to tap into to achieve them, along with what the task will look like once it’s completed (e.g. a completed resume template, or a business Facebook page created).

Celebrate progress

When you achieve these smaller goals, you’re progressing towards the achievement of the overall goal. It’s important that you remind yourself of this, and allow yourself to celebrate those ‘little’ achievements.

The awesome feeling you get from ticking these tasks off your to do list will help keep you motivated to keep achieving.

MAS National can help

If you have business or career related goals for 2017, contact us on 1300 MAS NAT (627 628) or book for one of our consultants to contact you so we can help free of charge.

Next, you need to book these tasks in.

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