Make 2017 Awesome! Step 1: Find your priorities

Why it’s important to listen to your priorities

If we aren’t truly committed to our goals, we’ll never be truly motivated to achieve them.

So what does it take to be committed?

We need to believe in them. And we need to believe that by achieving them, our lives will be better.

The first step in setting goals therefore is finding goals that are meaningful to you.

This is a very individual and unique thing however. Some will feel that their lives are made better by the rewarding feeling of strengthened relationships with family and friends. Whereas others will feel this success through achievement of business goals.

Here’s how you can figure out what is important to you.


Start by getting it all out of your head and onto paper!

Write down what is important to you, what you’d like to achieve this year, dreams and dreams and aspirations. Nothing is off limits here and the world is your oyster – if you dream it you can achieve it!

Think about all aspects of your life

It’s equally as important to set goals for yourself and your own personal development as it is to set goals for work and professional development.

Take time to think about all aspects of your life. Goals to improve your personal well-being can be just as important (if not more important) than professional goals.

This could be as simple as making some time each week to relax and take some time out from the chaos of life to appreciate what you’ve got and what you’ve achieved.


Look at all of the goals and think about what ones are most important to you. By striving to achieve too many goals at once, you’re likely to fail to achieve any of them.

Chances are however that a lot of your goals can be complimentary. Look at where goals are similar and how you can make them one goal that achieves both outcomes.

Pick 2-3 goals from this list that you see as most important and life changing.

Next, you need to Break these goals down.

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