High Five #4 – Follow your heart

The fourth High Five of Career Development is to follow your heart.

This is Your Career

Make your career one you love and that brings you happiness. Tailor your career pathway to match your needs and interests.

So how do you do that? Break it down to manageable steps:

Know yourself

We all perform our best when we are doing something we enjoy. Figure out all of the things that you enjoy and how those skills can be transferable across different career paths. If you need help in doing this, the MAS team are just a call away.

Believe in yourself

Setting goals for yourself is step one, but believing you have what it takes to work towards those goals is equally as important.

Be sure to celebrate the small successes, and to build resilience to any challenges you face along the way.

Follow your heart

Your career will stick with you for life. Don’t let that overwhelm you as it will change as you change and that is OK.

Make sure that each turn in the road, each step along the way you’re following your heart and that the road ahead is one you believe in.

The Team at NCDW explain how you can follow your heart in this useful video:

MAS Free Guidance

MAS National offer free career guidance that is tailored to meet your needs and interests. Our caring consultants work with you to help guide you through the next steps in your journey.

If you would like free one-on-one support from our experienced team, register online today or call us on 1300 MAS NAT (627 628).