High Five #3 – Focus on the Journey

The third High Five of Career Development is to Focus on the Journey

Your career is your lifelong journey

Sit back and be sure to enjoy the ride! Don’t be so focused on your destination that you miss the opportunities that the journey provides.

Goals are important, but so is making the most of the opportunities along the way. Keep your eyes open to the opportunities life throws at you, make the most of every challenge, but most of all reflect on the awesome experiences you encounter.

Who do you want to be?

When figuring out how to approach your career, think about what you enjoy. Think about where, and who you want to be in the future.

Take all aspects of your career options into account; from income and financial stability to where those skills could take you.

Then break it down to little steps that might help you get there.

Success is a journey, one step at a time

Working towards these little steps, and reflecting on your achievements will help you enjoy the journey.

You might find that over time, the steps you take lead you in a different direction and your end goal changes. We are constantly changing so this is to be expected to an extent. What is important is that you are still going somewhere and learning from the opportunities presented to you.

The Team at NCDW explain how you can focus on the journey in this useful video:

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