High Five # 2 – Learning is Ongoing

The second High Five of Career Development is that Learning is Ongoing.

Learning is ongoing

When you hear ‘learning’, do you think classroom? If your answer is yes, now is the time to stop!

We are constantly learning new skills, whether it’s learning how to operate that new app on your phone, or how to write a job application.

You may have finished high school but your learning journey has just begun.

Workplace learning

In the workplace, you’ll constantly be learning new skills. Every time you start a new job, or take on a new task, you will be required to develop your skill set.

Learning doesn’t always need to be in a classroom setting; in fact more often than not it occurs outside the classroom. On the job training is informal training that you receive while performing the job, that helps you know how to do the job. This learning is vital as it shows you how to apply the skills you already have.

Enjoy it!

You learn something new everyday. So as you learn new skills, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements! Take some time to pat yourself on the back because developing new skills is always a feat.

Reflect on your new skills, use them in as many areas as you can and look to build on them wherever possible. Constantly developing your skill set will set you up for success in your future as your skills are transferable across lots of different areas of your life.

The Team at NCDW explain how learning is ongoing in this useful video:

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