Congratulations to our latest outstanding Trainee!

Tyke Staude takes out SESSA School Based Trainee of the Year Award

Well done to Tyke Staude for winning the 2016 School Based Trainee of the Year Award in the South East Secondary Schools Alliance (SESSA) Training Awards for his Certificate 3 in Agriculture!

Congratulations Tyke on your outstanding achievement, we’re proud to support you in your successes!

Tyke shares his experience…

“Personally, trying to balance training, work and school commitments has been a challenge. It forces me to make better decisions in regards to my time management and also maintains my focus on the task at hand.”

“As I perform most of the labour during peak cropping periods, these times are often the most intense where I often have to make the most of every minute.” This “even means sometimes attending school in the morning and then during my frees in the middle of the day, rushing home to get a couple more hours of sowing in and returning to school for the last lessons of the day.

“Finding time to study for my course has been a challenge.” However, “despite the workload being difficult at times, the sense of achievement at the end of the day can be satisfying” says Tyke.

Transitioning to adulthood…

Tyke has also completed a Certificate 1 in Automotive, which provided him with a large amount of knowledge, particularly the field of OH&S. Tyke has also had the opportunity of being on the school’s Student Representative Council, which has been a fantastic opportunity to further develop his leadership skills and to participate in the decision-making committees of the school to learn meeting procedures.

Tykes leadership, teamwork, organizational and inter-personal skills will be important attributes in his future, when contributing within the community in an active volunteering capacity. Tyke in very excited for a future in agriculture, working alongside his father.

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