MAS Supports Apprenticeship Success!

Congratulations to our latest outstanding apprentice!

Matthew McCallum is completing his Butchery Apprenticeship through a school based pathway in Naracoorte, SA, and has just been named the 2016 School Based Apprentice of the Year Award in the South East Secondary Schools Alliance (SESSA) Training Awards!

Congratulations Matthew on your outstanding achievement, we’re proud to support you in your successes!

Matthew Sir Loin

Above: Matthew and his employer Darryn show off Matt’s trophy.


Above: MAS Business Consultant Team Leader Tarah Marygold congratulates Matt on his outstanding achievements.

Matthew shares his experience…

“I am currently enrolled in a Certificate III Meat Processing (Butchering) apprenticeship, and I absolutely love being a butcher.  Over the past 12 months I have had the most amazing experiences.  My boss (and mentor) has helped me see the potential of the industry by challenging me and by providing me with skills and knowledge. He has also helped me to develop my communications skills.  I have realised that this apprenticeship is not just about cutting meat but is also about handling food and creating service experiences for customers.” Says Matt.

“School has always been a challenge for me, and I wasn’t sure, initially, whether I could successfully combine work with year 12 study. But with the amazing support provided by Independent Learning Centre, by the people at Sir Loin Butchers, and by my RTO I have done that successfully and, it seems, exceeded everyone’s expectations in the process. The school based apprenticeship has allowed me to really understand why we do some subjects at school and the importance they play in the work world, I am keen to continue my learning and would recommend the process of staying at school while starting your career to any student who is unsure of their future.”

Employer speaks with pride

Matt’s employer, Darryn Winchester, is so very proud of him. “I have been in the meat Industry for 20 years and have had numerous apprentices.  In this time I have  never seen a young man with Matthew’s skill level.   Knife skills can be taught but Matthew is amazing to watch.  As a blank canvas, Matt immediately upon being shown how to do something, can pick up techniques and mirror teachings.”

Transitioning to adulthood

Matthew is very excited by this industry.  “The last 12 months have been amazing.  I have moved out of home, learned how to budget and learned to cook for myself.  I now plan to buy my own home as soon as I can.”

“My confidence has developed and I am now better able to communicate with a variety of people of all ages.”

To learn more about the SESSA’s award and Matthew’s journey, check out this article by iifp.