Victorian Back to Work Scheme comes to a close

The Victorian Back to Work Scheme came to a close last night for all workers other than retrenched automotive and dairy industry workers after a very successful quarter with more than 10,000 claims for hiring and training of eligible employees.

The past 12 months, since the scheme was opened to include a wider array of jobseekers, has seen Victoria’s youth unemployment has dropped by 2%, along with overall unemployment rates fall to 5.8%.

Second payments will still be honoured

The good news is for employers who got their first claim in before 9pm last night (18th July 2016), the State Revenue Office of Victoria has said that second instalment payments under the scheme, due 9 months after the first claim, will still be processed. Employers are encouraged to monitor this date themselves, however the State Revenue office will send a reminder email when this claim falls due.

Ongoing support for Automotive and Dairy workers

$15 million has been put aside to continue support for retrenched automotive workers and dairy industry workers who have been affected by the downturn in these industries. Contact us to learn how you can access this funding for your Business on 1300 MAS NAT (627 628) or online.