Productivity: Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain.

It dawned on me last week that there are so many amazing productivity tools out there to save us a bucket load of time and frustration in our daily life… but most of us don’t utilise them effectively. Why not you ask? I don’t know about you, but I all too often hear ‘I don’t have time to learn’ and I know this is an offence I’ve committed too.

Personally, I’ve decided to turn this around for myself. Short term pain, long term gain has become my new productivity motto. Not only am I discovering new and wonderful ways to increase my productivity, but I’m also challenging myself to continue learning while at it; a skill that requires constant practice.

I’m starting small, learning to more effectively use Siri.

Siri is useful for a lot more than asking funny questions. For those of you with Bluetooth who spend a lot of time driving, Siri can be an invaluable productivity tool once you learn to use her.

Check out this article by Macworld UK for a complete guide to Siri; from creating and inviting attendees to appointments, finding contact details to local businesses – I often use this to call and order my coffee on the way to work so it’s ready when I get to my local cafe!

Or as another idea, you could start practicing now and ask Siri to ‘search for instructions on how to use Siri’!

Happy learning! – Jo

Jo Mickleson
L&D Coordinator
MAS National