Victorian Back to Work Funding closes next week!

Victorian Employers – Claim your Back to Work incentives before funding closes!


Back to Work provides employers with up to $16,000 for hiring and training eligible job seekers in Victoria – but only for one more week!

Victorian State Government has announced in that the Back to Work Scheme has now been fully subscribed, so applications for funding for all categories, except dairy industry workers and retrenched automotive workers, will now close at 9pm on Monday 18th July.

If you’ve signed up an Australian Apprentice, check the Back to Work scheme details to see if you’re eligible and ensure you claim your incentives before 9pm Monday 18th July.

If you an Apprentice to sign up, now is the time! Contact our expert consultants for free advice today online or by calling 1300 MAS NAT (627 628) .

Already Claimed Back to Work for your apprentice?

I’ve claimed my first payment already:

If you’ve already claimed the first instalment of Back to Work funding, good news is the State Revenue Office will be honouring the second payment at the 9 month point.

I haven’t claimed my first payment yet:

If you haven’t yet claimed the first instalment, you need to do so before 9pm Monday 18th July. Second payments will be honoured as they fall due.

I want to get Training Costs reimbursed:

For reimbursement of training fees, all claims must be made by 9pm Monday 18th July.

I have an employee that fits under the Long Term Unemployed criteria:

If your employee’s 3 month anniversary has passed, or will occur before Monday, you will need to submit the first claim by 9pm Monday 18th July.

If the 3 month anniversary has not yet passed, you can still claim under the Apprentice incentives (lesser amount of $5000) as long as you claim by 9pm Monday 18th July.