If you love what you do, no obstacle is too big

Josh started his Certificate 3 in Agriculture at the age of 15. School has been difficult, with learning challenges Josh has struggled to find his place and confidence.

Parents Ashley and Shelly have been his main supporters encouraging him to follow his passion for the farm and encouraging him to develop his skills that one day in the near future will lead more opportunities in life.

“The apprenticeship has given Josh so much confidence, he is excited that he is able to do what other kids his age are doing, while doing what he likes and get a qualification.”

Josh is driving equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and often out-doing his sister in farm work, much to her disgust.

The apprenticeship gives him things in common with his friends, given him the confidence to articulate answers to the training provider, often giving in depth detail of jobs and projects. His communication skills have improved and he has just obtained his driver’s licence, all things that were a mountainous challenge 12 months ago.

Josh is an amazing young man that proves if you love what you do no obstacle is too big.