New apprentice support to create jobs in South Australia

A revolutionary new national program is being unveiled in Adelaide today that will result in 51,000 apprentice and trainee job opportunities (sign ups) in South Australia over the next three years.

Apprenticeship support provider, MAS National has been selected by the Australian Government’s $200 million annual investment in the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN), launched July 1, to be an apprentice network provider in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. To support the vocational learning journey needs of employers, apprentices and trainees from pre-commencement to completion, with the aim to boost completion rates.

With South Australia holding the highest unemployment rate in the country, and youth unemployment significantly higher again (such as 19.7% in Elizabeth, North Adelaide) the Federal Assistant Minister for Education and Training, The Honourable Senator Simon Birmingham, together with MAS National CEO Mr Poul Bottern and CMI Toyota launched The MAS Experience today at The Port Club, Alberton Oval, South Australia.

Typically an apprenticeship is four years and traineeship two years. Yet in South Australia, of the 5800 apprentices who started in December 2009, only 50.4% completed their apprenticeship, 35.6% dropped out and 14% are either continuing or unknown. Of the 15,100 trainees who started in December 2009, 54.9% completed their training, 32.1% dropped out and 13% are either continuing or the result is unknown. Data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)

CMI Toyota (Commercial Motor Industries) are a leading South Australian employer, sponsor of the Adelaide Crows and offer the The MAS Experience. They currently employ 30 apprentices.

The MAS Experience is an innovative response including job matching, support and mentoring, developed by MAS National which aims to place and support the right apprentices with the most suitable employers.

It aims to improve completion rates by offering employers and apprentices a unique range of on-line and face-to-face tools, support and mentoring from careers counselling to apprentice “sign-ups”, organising incentive payments and financial support, mediation and mentoring.

MAS National CEO Mr Poul Bottern said this is a win for apprentices, trainees, employers and Australia’s economy. “With a statistic of about 50% apprentices completing their training, it is where The MAS Experience caring for every step of the learning journey can make a difference.”

“Apprenticeships and traineeships are a proven vocational pathway to a rewarding career. They create career dreams which change people’s lives. Increasing completion rates is not only a great employment option for the individual yet ultimately has flow on affects which boost our economy and productivity.”

Mr Bottern said: “The MAS Experience provides the greatest support at the start of the apprenticeship when the risk of dropping out is highest. We have seen how challenging employment opportunities are in South Australia and we hope this landmark initiative will offer significant hope to tens of thousands of young people.”

The MAS Experience will also be operational in both Victoria and Tasmania. As of December 2014 there were 316,400 apprentices and trainees nationally. (NCVER)